Manuals and Brochures

User Manual
for MIOPS Smart

User Manual

for MIOPS Smart Trigger

Firmware Upgrade Tool for Windows and MAC

Firmware Upgrade Tool
for MIOPS Smart (Windows Version)

Firmware Upgrade Tool
for MIOPS Smart (MAC Version)

Firmware Versions

Download MIOPS Smart v1.9 (English) firmware released at 10.11.2016

  • Enhances the capability of Sound Mode and fixes the battery indicator problem.
Télécharger MIOPS Smart v1.9 (Français) firmware publié le 10.11.2016

  • améliore la capacité du mode audio et corrige le problème de l’indicateur de batterie.
Download MIOPS Smart v1.7 firmware released at 11.07.2015

  • Fixes a bug which causes missing shots in HDR mode.
Download MIOPS Smart v1.6 firmware released at 04.04.2015

MIOPS iOS and Android Applications

Miops iOS Application
Download from Appstore

Miops Android Application
Download from Google Play

Please check Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible Devices to use with Miops application.