The easiest way of capturing
Lightning strikes!

Connect your camera to MIOPS with the shutter cable and wait for the lightning.
MIOPS will detect the lightning and trigger your camera at the exact moment.

Have you ever captured a
Popping Balloon!

In a dark room set your camera to Bulb mode.
MIOPS will trigger your flash when it detects the sound!

Don't miss any piece of a
Breaking Glass!

It is impossible to take the picture of
a breaking glass unless you have a MIOPS.

Don't get too close to
Exploiding Items!

It is both safer and easier to use MIOPS.

Every drop is a piece of art with
Water Splash!

It happens so fast, you need a
MIOPS to capture it.

Stop the time for you
Whenever You want!

Thanks to its built-in intervalometer
MIOPS is the right gadget for time lapse videos.